Seeds Library Café and Why You Don’t have to Miss the Farmers Market in Winter

“Our mission is to showcase local food and drink through an affordable, transparent, and seasonal menu, to engage the public with local agriculture, and to serve as a vibrant gathering space for the local food community.” – Seeds Library Café Mission Statement

By  Colorado Coffee Zine

Its that time of the year again when the Boulder County Farmers Market (BCFM) takes its seasonal hiatus, closing shop in its four locations and rerouting customers back to traditional grocery chains like Whole Foods. For the second Winter in a row, Seeds Library Café, situated inside of the Boulder Public Library and walking distance from BCFM, has come to the rescue. Joining the community of quality eateries in Boulder County, Seeds offers library goers and local-produce enthusiasts a place to continue their ritual.

The café -coffee shop hybrid owned by BCFM offers hearty á la carte bites that rotate ingredients according to the season. Honoring its longstanding relationship with Silver Canyon Coffee, locally roasted since 1985, BCFM has upgraded the coffee ensemble from its familiar Saturday morning espresso cart to a full presence in the space. In fact, the talented Seeds coffee crew is well trained in coffee brew methods and craft espresso drinks as well as any of the dedicated coffee shops in town.

To further emphasize its relationship to the community, the name “Seeds” came about through a contest that welcomed community recommendations while the café was still being constructed.  “Seeds Café” was the winning name out of more than 300 submissions. Although coffee shops are common in academic libraries on campuses, that is not the case for public libraries. Some light research revealed that only a handful of libraries have successfully launched coffee shops inside of their spaces and even fewer have included a menu of freshly prepared food.

As it approaches its 2 year anniversary on April 27th, the café can reflect on several accomplishments from launching a catering component for its award winning food to being named an influential coffee establishment and prominent stop on the city’s annual Caffeine Crawl. Seeds, your neighborhood library café-coffee shop hybrid, with its prestigious farmer’s market heritage, craft coffee expertise, and welcoming community atmosphere is an unconventional gem that is here to stay.


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