The Point Cafe in Boulder Powers Through Finals and Espresso Like Nobody’s Business

By Colorado Coffee Zine

The Hill in Boulder is a classic college neighborhood, a mix of residential areas, entertainment venues and gastronomic spaces that welcome people of all generations and backgrounds.  There you will find The Point Café, a social hub and caffeine slinger taking bold steps towards establishing its own reputation and followership.

The commercial space fumbled for a few years after the abrupt closure of family-owned Espresso Roma Café, which had famously doubled as an artist gathering place and neighborhood coffee shop since 1988. After sitting vacant, vandalized and without any determined fate, The Point Café was established there, only to change owners and course again in just a short time.

“We took over and we have just been in love ever since, with the crew, with the community, and with the coffee of course,” said Trisha Vallone who co-owns the shop with her fiancé Cory Taylor. The pair along with manager Shayn Herndon have worked towards reinvigorating the space and bringing out the best of the shop’s brick and mortar aspects.

Along with local pastries and kombucha, The Point Café uses Method Roasters coffee. Afterall, what better way to show school spirit in a college neighborhood than to serve high quality coffee roasted by Colorado University alumni. “Method Roasters, they just do a phenomenal job. They take such care using technology and taste to really develop their flavor profiles and they’re really particular about what farms they’re picking as well” said Vallone of the Denver-based roaster.

Shayn Herndon, who has been with the café the longest, believes another one of The Point Cafés strongest values is its community focus. “We love our regulars, we have a ton of regulars because we treat them like family. We like to care for people, we like to serve people well,” said Shayn Herndon.  The team is incredibly proud of its Method Roasters coffee, which lends perfectly to the Point Cafe’s popular nitro cold brew and creative seasonal drinks. “We are not below making sugary drinks…but there’s going to be some amazing espresso in it,” said Shayn Herndon.

Along with a great menu and selection of branded goodies, the team hosts live music nights and samplings of local products. In August 2016, the café participated in the Caffeine Crawl’s line-up of coffee shops in Boulder. Like its students, the team is doing its homework to give customers more of what they want, seasonal drinks and community events included.

The Point Café, which celebrated its one year anniversary in December, is well on its way to being a favorite, not just on the Hill, but in Boulder. By embracing the unique legacy of a college town coffee shop and putting its own stamp on Boulder, The Point Café is off to a great start.

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