Colorado Joins Sprudge #REFUGEESWELCOME #YESEQUAL Fundraiser for the ACLU

We believe that the current executive order banning refugees from the United States and immigration from 7 majority Muslim nations is illegal, immoral, and fundamentally un-American. Like a hot mug of drip coffee spilled on a crisp white apron, these actions are a dark stain on our national conscience, and as Americans, we feel compelled to stand up against them.” – Sprudge Staff

By Colorado Coffee Zine

Earlier this week the internationally known coffee publication Sprudge announced a fundraising campaign for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The non-partisan organization was selected by Sprudge for its immediate efforts to organize and fund thousands of lawyers to fight the current executive order suspending refugee entry and banning travel to the United States from a short list of countries identified as threats.

Sprudge invited the coffee community to pledge participation in a unique fund matching model. “Sprudge will match the first $500 per company raised next weekend for the ACLU, in partnership with…twenty-six launch partner brands across 125 cafes” said the news release. The campaign identified in social media with hashtags #refugeeswelcome and #yesequal will run February 3rd  through February 5th.

The latest official list spans 41 states including Colorado. The Zine visited a handful of the cafes around town to show support for the campaign.

Method Roasters 

Alex Rawal
Alex Rawal of Method Roasters

This team is a well-known Denver-based roaster and wholesaler. They participated in the campaign by opening the roasting space and serving free coffee, including espresso drinks, on a donation only basis. One of the founders, Alex Rawal took a moment to express support for organizations like the ACLU fighting for immigrant and refugee rights.

Amethyst Coffee

Elle Taylor
Elle Taylor of Amethyst Coffee


Led by a team of close-knit friends, Amethyst is a risk taker on the menu and in the coffee community. Owner Elle Taylor works behind the scenes to organize events like podcasts and the annual Cherry Roast, a local throwdown celebration that raises the visibility of women in the local coffee industry. “I think that America is at a point where if we don’t start supporting each other in the little ways that we can, that things are really going to get crazy. So I was super excited when I saw that Sprudge was doing this and I knew that there was no way we weren’t going to be a part of it,” said Elle about Amethyst participation.

Crema Coffee House

Crema Coffee House
Crema Coffee House

Located in a neighborhood under the gentrification spotlight, Crema is no stranger to vulnerable communities. Crema has a longstanding willingness to support causes that are important to its staff and hit close to home.

Many more cafes and coffee shops in Colorado are participating in the Sprudge fundraiser. For a complete list of places you can support please visit the Sprudge article.

American Civil Liberties Union
Method Roasters
Amethyst Coffee
Crema Coffee House

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