6th Annual Coffee-Beer-Bacon Fest Sets the Bar High for Collab Events

Coda Coffee is dedicated to promoting sustainability in every sense of the word; having an ongoing commitment to both the environment and the quality of life experienced by individuals in the coffee industry.” – The Coda Coffee Co. Promise

By Colorado Coffee Zine

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no shortage of events to choose from in the craft industry. The 6th Annual Beer, Bacon and Coffee Fest co-hosted by Denver Beer Co and Coda Coffee Co in Denver went from strong contender to love at first site for the Zine team. The easiest way to understand what makes this event so worthwhile and sensational is to stop by and meet the organizers.



It is widely assumed that people who like specialty coffee will be the same people who like craft beer. In the case of Coda Coffee Co and Denver Beer Co (DBC), not only do their customers overlap, but so do their personal pursuits. Behind the scenes and way beyond just an occasional menu novelty, Tim Thwaites President of Coda Coffee Co and Jason Buehler Head Brewer of DBC, have a strong history of exchanging knowledge and expertise of their crafts.

“Tim and I work pretty closely on things like this… I lean on him for all  the advice on coffee so I know what beers I want to put his coffee into. So I talk to him about whether the coffee is a little bolder or more mellow, if its got citrus notes or not and then we kind of pair those things together” Jason says about the team effort and wide variety of beers in the taproom that use Coda’s coffees.

The brewer and roaster pair have been collaborating for about 6 years and have developed a strong community that attends their creative events almost without fail. Many people in the taproom during this weekend’s 6th Annual Beer, Bacon  and Coffee Fest were self identified regulars who enjoy the exciting menu and fun atmosphere. And DBC doesn’t flaunt it or anything, but they are defending champions of several awards at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), including a big gold medal win for their barrel aged Drama Queen beer in 2016.

Coda Coffee Co, an award winning roaster committed to ethical coffee sourcing and making meaningful contributions to coffee growing communities, selects coffee and cascara fruit directly for the collaboration projects.

“At Coda we are all about going and working with these coffee farmers on a first hand basis. So we’ll go down and work with these communities, find these exclusive microlots for DBC to infuse in their beers…. as far as my wheelhouse goes, I’ll import coffee fruit which we call ‘cascara’…. we’ve found that it mixes really well with beer, it has like a fruit leather type taste, almost a little tobaccoey in sweetness” Tim said about the coffee and cascara origins in the beer.


The successful collaboration between Tim and Jason is obvious for anyone sampling the coffee-packed taproom line-up currently boasting no fewer than 4 beers that are a direct result of Jason’s background as a brewer known for his creativity and innovation and Coda’s drive for excellence in each roast. Coffee Graham Cracker Porter, Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee Ale, Cascara IPA, and Coffee Hall and Oats to put a name to the claim. The longer you talk to them, the cooler these guys seem because not only does Jason know his Bolivia from his Ethiopia, but Tim knows his Stout from his Porter too. They clearly bring a lot to the table, as experts in their craft and also as collaborators and event organizers.

This weekend DBC and Coda teamed up with esteemed meat artisan Tender Belly for the 6th anniversary of the best beer, bacon, coffee event in town. Saturday and Sunday morning, attendees will be greeted by their choice of nitro cold brew or traditional drip coffee, fresh poured beer, and bacon cooked to perfection. And just to leave you with a little suspense, everyone from DBC to Coda to Tender Belly loves what they do, so check into their social media and websites to find out what they’re up to next.

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