Fundraiser Season for Rwanda Trip 2017 Kicks-Off with Corvus TNT

“This co-op has been functioning well since 2005, but there are over 2,000 farmers and only 2 washing stations. With updated materials, these communities are able to charge more for their coffee- which substantially increases their personal economies as well as the economy of Rwanda.” Corvus Coffee Rwanda Trip 2017

by Colorado Coffee Zine

On the snowy evening of February 23rd, Corvus Coffee Roasters opened the doors of its Broadway location to kick-off the Rwanda Origin Trip 2017 TNT fundraiser, a latte art throwdown with the Colorado coffee community.

Baristas competed in the traditional head to head elimination style before a roaring crowd fueled by hefty slices from Sexy Pizza and cold beer from Little Machine Beer. Also on hand for the fundraising efforts were the trip’s signature t-shirts designed by artist Josh Holland.

“Tonight was specifically a fundraiser to raise the funds to complete the project. We set a community goal of Denver of $5,000 so this is the first fundraiser to get us there” said Mandee Berry, one of the lead organizers of the event and trip.

Corvus Coffee Roasters is teaming up with founder of Queen City Coffee Collective and other members of the Denver coffee community who share the mission of supporting sustainability practices from seed to cup for a service trip. The Corvus website is hosting a page with additional details about the trip and its goals.

“A team of 10-15 of those involved in the Denver community will travel to Kigali, Rwanda to serve and improve the Misozi co-op, associated with the women of Abukundakawa. Projects will include fieldwork, such as cherry picking, planting seedlings, and assisting at the wet mill. We will also be repairing drying beds and painting the meeting hall.”

The organizers welcome the Denver coffee community and anyone with an idea to support the trip to pitch in and share in fundraising efforts. The goal is to create an annual tradition of visiting the co-op and a longterm relationship with the Rwanda-based team.

Corvus Coffee’s Mandee also shared that the team is eager to bring their knowledge of the end product of coffee to the people who are so involved in its growth and care at the earliest stages, leading to an exchange of the full process between all of the Makers. “Many farmers never see the end product ….we are really excited to bring down our coffee that is in the bag and say “look how beautiful this is” and teach them about the characteristics.”

Visit Corvus Coffee Roasters and their website to learn more about how you can support the 2017 Rwanda Origin Trip.

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