Enjoy Explore Experience: Iconik Coffee Roasters in Santa Fe

“We’re passionate about our coffee.  How we brew, why we brew, and everything in between.  From seed to cup… everything matters” – Iconik Coffee Roasters

By Colorado Coffee Zine

The afternoon is a perfect time for navigating the winding paths dotted with adobe homes and studio spaces that lead you to the Iconik Coffee Roasters neighborhood on Lena St. The cafe’s regulars arrive on foot, on motorcycles, on bikes, you name it, to settle in for a bite from the buzzing kitchen, freshly roasted coffee, or even kombucha. A wall of tall glass windows with lavish curtains illuminates the cafe and nourishes the various plant residents. Retro chandelier lanterns and art lined walls make the large cafe space compact with comfort.

A large menu sits prominently at the front of the line and simplifies the coffee ordering experience for anyone seeking some espresso or pourover magic. The breakdown is Enjoy the Familiar, Explore the Unique, and Experience the Extraordinary with coffee details written in each category. These flavor and origin tiers together with the warm, friendly staff help you figure out what you’re looking to try without overwhelming you with information.

Iconik Coffee Roasters is in its second iteration, currently rebuilding its identity after changing owners in 2015. The cafe had been a popular coffee shop and roastery since it started in 2013 and maintains the support of its longtime regulars as it continues to experiment with improvements. One of the areas that was screaming for attention was the 1927 Otto Swadlo Roaster that shoulders all of Iconik’s roasting.

“This last year we’ve gone through and redone all the automation on it and upgraded it …. we transitioned everything so that if anything goes wrong we can get it fixed the next day instead of looking on Ebay for a random part from Australia where the roaster was in the mid-1980s” Sean Ham, one of the owners, said about the modernizations. The roaster sits prominently in the cafe, yet blends with the rest of the environment.  Even the control panel, at one point exposed, was rebuilt to fit into a 1938 Philco radio box.

While the Lena St location is known fondly for its roaster, the Downtown location is known for something else. Iconik took the leap and opened a second location inside Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse, a former wholesale customer. The two fit so well together, coffee and books, its hard to tell which business was there first. Both locations are mandatory for anyone passing through Santa Fe. Iconik Coffee Roasters upholds its commitment to serving specialty coffee with various brew methods and offering you the chance to Enjoy Explore and Experience something new with every visit.


Iconik Coffee Roasters
Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse
Crockett Bodelson’s Art on the Walls
The Kombucha Project