Deep Space Coffee: One Small Step for Downtown and One Giant Leap for the Coffee Scene

“Deep Space Coffee is especially focused on quality and experience. We’re specialty coffee enthusiasts striving to deliver perfection with each request. Stop by soon, we love to discover all the specialty coffee lovers that find themselves in Albuquerque.” – Deep Space Coffee

By Colorado Coffee Zine

When a third wave coffee shop decides to open in Albuquerque, New Mexico and immediately identifies itself with Carl Sagan and science fiction, you don’t really know what to expect. In January 2016, Deep Space Coffee did just that. Step inside and you’ll find artifacts that are at once retro and futuristic, a space that is at once small and roomy. Solve Maxwell and a few of his longtime partners in the design and event promotions fields have built an identity that came together after years of work on all kinds of artistic projects, the latest one being a third wave coffee shop.

Solve’s first memory of specialty coffee dates back to one of his out of state trips. “I fell in love with coffee by walking through the mission district of San Francisco one year and trying out Four Barrel and being rocked by what coffee was actually supposed to taste like.” This experience taught him the significance of approaching coffee with science and how that can lead to a consistently high quality result. Deep Space isn’t just a tribute to science as a design or as an esthetic, it is a philosophy about how to delivery the same quality to customers each time and the appreciation for every step of the way.

Despite the value for precision and meticulousness Deep Space is known for, the team behind the bar today didn’t necessarily begin with the highest understanding of these principles. “We really enjoy finding people that just catch the bug so to speak, and are very interested in coffee and don’t even know why necessarily…they’re a clean slate and the sky’s the limit. They get to explore and understand and absorb as much knowledge as you can throw at them and then they become coffee professionals.”

Jordyn Snider, Manager of Deep Space and proud millenial is one of the youngest members of the team. “Our staff is really small but everyone has something that they’re bringing to the table that’s unique.” The Zine observes her expertly review test shots for mouth feel and flavor profiles, she shares that the team is constantly asking themselves what they can do to improve quality. “It’s really important to always remember that we’re looking for the perfect cup, we need to keep fighting for that… Dialing in more frequently, making sure our hoppers are full, changing out certain things…always looking for ways to be better.”

To maintain its focus on quality extraction and brewing methods Deep Space hasn’t joined the roasting arena, rather it sources from quality roasters in the region. Currently on deck you can try a range of coffees from Colorado based Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters. Locally sourced light bites and artisan goods are also available for purchase. Although it isn’t in any huge hurry, Deep Space has purchased the building next door and plans to expand in the near future. This will allow them to offer more of a cafe setting by adding a kitchen and seating areas.

With such a creative group of detail oriented, science loving, rooting-for-Albuquerque entrepreneurs behind Deep Space, there’s no telling what might happen. Stay in touch with them on your gizmos and swing by to peruse their growing museum of appliance artifacts over a great cup of coffee.

Deep Space Coffee
Thomas Christopher Haag
Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters