Humble Coffee: Thoughtfully Designed, Relaxed Space with Exceptional Coffee

“Extraordinary coffee. Friendly service. A thoughtfully designed, relaxed space. That’s what you’ll find at Humble Coffee Company, a craft coffee shop specializing in single-origin espresso and brews in the Nob Hill/University neighborhood of Albuquerque.” – Humble Coffee

By Colorado Coffee Zine

If you’re passing through Nob Hill in Albuquerque and you end up in Uptown, you’ve definitely gone too far. It isn’t until you get somewhere in the middle that you have the choice of walking into Humble Coffee, or walking up to it.

Local architect co-owner Mark Baker recalls the skeptical landscape of coffee lovers and onlookers when Humble first broke ground in its chosen neighborhood back in 2014. “When we first opened, people said ‘man they make amazing coffee, but too bad they’re location is so bad, I hope they make it’  and I think there was this feeling that our particular part of town was like a no man’s land, it was neither here nor there.”

Mark and the Humble Coffee team stayed true to their original vision and proved that the location wasn’t going to overshadow the uniqueness of this shop or its offerings. “For me coffee is about community and about building an anchor and that’s what we’ve done with Humble Coffee.”

When you’re an underdog business, it doesn’t hurt to have an award winning architect in your arsenal. This local hangout knows a thing or two about maximizing its humble dimensions. The team coordinates between the walk up window and traditional indoor counter to take orders, both sides boasting hefty lines of patient coffee lovers.

The walk up window is integrated seamlessly into a towering mural, opening to the parking lot on one side and a simple patio on the other. The interior has a lower ceiling than you’ll find in most commercial spaces and a hallway set up that invites guests to cozy up in a place that could easily be mistaken for a livingroom, if it didn’t have merchandise shelves and a priced out menu that is.

Humble Coffee radiates comfort, ease, and community often being filled to capacity in every possible direction.

Ethically sourced and exceptionally brewed coffee as well as neighborhood oriented and Albuquerque local are Humble Coffee’s core principles. Coffee is commissioned from Prosum Roasters, a local favorite, to offer single origin on drip and custom blends for espresso drinks. The popularity and customer support have motivated the team to steer the cafe in a healthy direction of growth.

Mark explained the plans to combine both kinds of brews New Mexicans enjoy, coffee and beer, in a “brew and brew” project that hosts coffee by day and breweries by night. “Humble Coffee, this is going to remain in place and then there’s going to be a separate facility a few blocks away… we are also in the process of opening up a downtown location for Humble Coffee, set to open in July.”

If you see a chipper, clipboard toting guy in Humble attire greeting people at the drink counter, don’t be alarmed. That would be Mark Baker, and he just wants to know if you will sign on to be a supporter of Humble’s pioneer project of “brew and brew.” If you won’t sign it for your neighborhood, then please sign it for an out of towner like the Zine who can’t wait to see what Humble does next.


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