Peritus Coffee Roasters: The Hybrid Hero of Collaboration, Sustainability, and Craft

“When people come in the door here I usually grab them and give them a tour… education and sharing information is just something that we are really enjoying a lot” – Quinn Schultz Owner and Head Roaster of Peritus Coffee Roasters

by Colorado Coffee Zine

Fort Collins in Northern Colorado is home to the Horsetooth Reservoir silhouette, an avid cycling community, world renowned breweries, and a growing craft coffee scene. The overlap of coffee and beer is undeniable as more and more breweries adopt a coffee beer into a permanent corner of their menu. Peritus Coffee Roasters is on a few of those tap room menus and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

A visit to the Peritus Coffee Roasters headquarters will get you directions to the nearest crowler, brew you a single origin pour over, and train you for the next cycling race in town because it truly practices craft, collaboration, and sustainability. The beautiful exposed roaster along with a minimalist coffee bar sits inside of a spacious cycling fitness studio, Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies. Source Endurance is the project of Zack Allison, professional cyclist currently with team Clif Bar. Whitney Allison, apprenticing roaster and professional cyclist with team Colavita/Bianchi, is deeply involved in both Source Endurance, her husband’s company, and Peritus Coffee Roasters, her father Quinn Schultz’s company. The shared space is a hybrid hero to any business that aspires to harmoniously combine multiple crafts under one roof.

Cycling, travel and coffee have always been a serious part of the Schultz family lifestyle. Owner and Head Roaster Quinn grew up in Alaska and has always maintained a connection to outdoors and sustainability. His career in accounting allowed the family to travel across the United States and even around the world. After about a decade of these trips, it was Quinn’s observation of inconsistency in coffee that ultimately sparked the desire to take up home roasting. So the detail oriented accountant dabbled in roasting ½ pound batches of coffee for about another decade. Once his passion for coffee began to overshadow his work in accounting, Quinn transitioned to pursue roasting as his primary career.

The initial jump into a full fledged roasting business was welcomed by a small radius of local customers, allowing Peritus to uphold its values for sustainability and deliver its orders on two wheels. “The first two years we did over 90% of our deliveries, or more, by bike. This year has been a little tougher…I really struggled with it. When it was snowing I had to drive a vehicle and it was kind of different than what I wanted us to be, but this past December we bought an electric vehicle and so I can do all of our deliveries in the 30 mile loop and not use any petrol at all. It’s a good compromise” said Quinn about the steps Peritus takes to uphold its strong sustainability values.

Whitney who is geared up for the pro-cycling season and balances roasting courses when her schedule permits, also sees Peritus as a business that will continue to uphold high standards in achieving quality coffee roasting while growing at a sustainability-sensitive pace. She shares that the book Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, has influenced her to remain committed to keeping people and the environment at the forefront of business decisions.

Perhaps equal to cycling, sustainability, and coffee roasting, coffee beers are a stand-out marker of the Peritus identity. The coffee beer collaboration with Peritus and Snowbank Brewing is a legacy beer, originally sourcing its coffee from the team at Crankenstein, a beloved cafe-roastery-bar hybrid that closed shop in the Spring of 2015. Peritus, a long time friend of Crankenstein and Snowbank, stepped in as the coffee supplier, keeping the Crankenbrew legacy afloat in its home of Fort Collins. Since then Peritus has launched plenty of original collaborations with local breweries, including an espresso porter series with Zwei Brewing.

Peritus Logo Proudly Tributes Horsetooth Reservoir

In the year ahead, Peritus will continue to bring together the cycling, brewery, and coffee loving communities of Fort Collins under one roof. If you’ve been a fan of Crankenbrew or any other coffee beer for years but haven’t run into Peritus Coffee Roasters yet, be sure to stop by Source Endurance, have a single origin coffee, learn about the seed to cup process and enjoy the view of the Horsetooth Reservoir silhouette during one of Quinn’s roasting sessions.

Team Colavita/Bianchi
Peritus Coffee Roasters
Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies
Snowbank Brewing
Zwei Brewing
Horsetooth Reservoir

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