Precision Pours: Community Guided Specialty Coffee in Louisville

“I wanted to create a campaign that was community driven and where people can vote with their generous donations… Mobile Coffee Shop…A Drive-Thru…A Coffee House” – Brice Young, Owner of Precision Pours – A Coffee House

By Colorado Coffee Zine

Precision Pours has been a community guided project since its early days as a mobile coffee cart around Boulder County. If the retired wheels count in birthdays, Precision Pours will be turning 4 years old in November, if they don’t count, the Brick and Mortar dubbed “Precision Pours –  A Coffee House” just celebrated its 2 year anniversary in April. No matter how you put it, Brice Young, owner of Precision Pours – A Coffee House, is as excited as ever to present specialty coffee to Louisville.

The endearingly petite establishment proves to be much larger than it looks when you step into the well curated, naturally lit space. The split between espresso bar and brew bar seems harmonious against the warm backdrop of friendly staff and cheery regulars.

The interactions are pretty seamless. People in this area are for fair trade, for globally conscious coffees, they’re for local small businesses, so conversations are easy” said Brice of the steady mornings. “I’m in the business of making people happy, so I’m gonna present them with a great cup of coffee and it’s gonna make almost anybody’s day.”

Like the scientist he had set out to become before coffee crossed his path, Brice was patiently methodical and went full scientific method. First came the steps of questioning if his enthusiasm was worth pursuing as a business, then came the hypothesis of starting small with a coffee cart. After spending some time in the experiment phase, the results were conclusive. Brice launched a fundraising campaign to share his experience with the coffee cart’s slowly growing customer base and to invite the community as a whole to weigh in on the next phase of Precision Pours, ultimately leading to the flagship shop on South Boulder Rd.

“One of the things that we strive for is to be fair trade and to be sustainable. We can only be so sustainable in the shop and the rest is kind of up to the roaster and the source of the beans. So we try to form relationships with people that have the same philosophy and ethics as us” said Brice about the coffees featured at Precision Pours. The shop runs a multi-roaster model, carrying carefully selected coffee from different roasters.

Last year, Precision Pours – A  Coffee House was awarded Best New Coffee Shop Fan Favorite by 303 Magazine. Local pastries, house made syrups, and the patio seating are just a few of the things customers called out as their personal draw to the place today. In the year ahead, Precision Pours plans to stick around, offering quality local and ethically sourced goods as it continues to nurture the specialty coffee community of Louisville and Boulder County.