Roasting Rodeo Day 1 – Denver, Colorado

Saturday morning a closed judging session for the first ever Roasting Rodeo was held at Copper Door Coffee’s second location in Denver, Colorado. Judges gathered from the region to evaluate coffee presented by 15 roasters. After a calibration session, judges kicked off 3 rounds cuppings.



Judges included Tony Auger from Caravela, Richard Futrell from Genuine Origin, Jess Brooks from Allegro, Nolan Dutton from Ozo, and Caitlin McCarthy Garcia from Royal Coffee.


While the judges were engaged in the cupping, several of the organizers were calibrating the equipment and coffee to be used in Day 2 of the Roasting Rodeo. During Day 2 the contestants will be presenting their coffee.


Day 2 will be open to the public.

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