Roasting Rodeo Day 2 – Denver, Colorado

by Colorado Coffee Zine

Sunday morning Copper Door Coffee Roasters raised the wall-length door of its second shop and new roastery location in Denver, Colorado’s The Yard. The Sunday session was open to the public and welcomed contestants, judges, coffee professionals, family and friends to experience brewed batches of the 15 coffees competing for first prize in the Roasting Rodeo.


The organizers of the event bring with them decades of experience in the coffee industry. Once the Roasting Rodeo began to take shape, the organizers observed that a record number of female roasters had signed up for the competition. It was clear that events like this can really have an impact the roasting community, not only by creating a space for roasters to exchange knowledge but also by raising visibility of the diverse talent pool behind the craft.

Day 2 of the Roasting Rodeo included 5 minute presentations by each contestant. They presented their coffee to a circle of silent judges. The competition was divided into 5 rounds comprised of three presentations each.

The judges convened behind closed doors after each round to integrate the presentation scores with the blind scores assigned on the previous day.


Trophies supplied by Dietrich Coffee were granted to the roasters of the top 3 rated coffees. A huge congratulatory applause announced the conclusion of the competition and thanked roasters Coulter Sunderman, Scott Mowrey, Taylor Love, Mark Drucker, Dustin Gregory, Brittany Salmon, Nikol Werner, Brian Gerhard, Bert Davis, Kat Melheim, Ricky Aughenbaugh, Lucas Harville, Brady Guinn, Jordan Moats, and Jeremy Tosh for their participation.

The day ended with a fond farewell from the head organizers Hannah Ulrich of Copper Door Coffee Roasters and Bob Goldman of Allegro Coffee as well as Hostess and MC Kristen Wade of Corvus Coffee Roasters. The Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance mentioned a line-up of upcoming events and invited coffee professionals and coffee lovers alike to check in with its website ( for more details.


Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance
Copper Door Coffee Roasters 
Specialty Coffee Association

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