Meet Vicy Stone from Gypsy Javas in Pueblo, CO


Name and Role: Vicy Stone, Manager at Gypsy Javas

Experience: 10+ years as a barista and cafe manager, formerly with the Daily Grind, currently with Gypsy Javas, repeat winner of the “Best Barista” award in Pueblo, Colorado

Coffee Bragging Rights: “So I taught myself the latte art and then I found a tutorial on the rainbow latte art one day and started practicing that. And when I talked to [the owners of Gypsy Javas] I really wanted to incorporate that into their business… especially because nowhere in Pueblo really does latte art and especially nothing so colorful.”

Best Part of the Job: “Probably my favorite part of being a barista, aside from actually making the coffee and the art and skill that goes into it, is communicating with the customers. We have a lot of locals that come in. A lot of my former regular customers come in, so it’s really cool to connect with them. And of course you know exactly what they want when they come in, before they even say what they like, which is cool.”

Coffee Community: “I think it’s really important to communicate with the other baristas as well. I really like to connect with them and also of course teaching them is really fun because a couple of our girls don’t have any experience with coffee, so it’s like we’re starting from scratch and I remember how that was. It was a long time ago, but I remember. And they’re so excited and it’s cool to see that, to see how excited they are about learning about coffee and about latte art.”

Outside of Coffee: “I actually never really considered myself an artist… I never really got into anything artsy until I was pregnant with my son, Jackson… So my husband brought me a jewelry making kit so I started doing that just to have something to do at home and it blew up into a small business…”

Perks of the Current Gig:  “[The owners are]  so supportive  especially about letting me kind of branch out into the more creative part of coffee…they’re really good about collaborating on things and they give me a good amount of freedom to come up with drink specials and also teaching more traditional ways of frothing and pouring. Its really cool, I love them.”

Something that Grosses You Out in Coffee: “Absolutely no decaf! I’ve tried to get behind as many different types of decaf coffee and espresso as I can just to get a feel for the flavor but it’s just awful, so I stay away from all things decaf.”

Come to Gypsy Javas For: “Our chai, we make our own chai in house which is a recipe that Sharayah actually got in India which is really cool. It’s probably the best chai I’ve ever had.”

Shout Outs: “Since i spent a lot of time at the Daily Grind, I still have a lot of respect for the owner and he was always one of my role models. Charles Sole really taught me a lot about coffee.”

Something You’d Like to Try in Coffee: “Hopefully get to start helping with the roasting because that’s an aspect that I haven’t been near at all. I know nothing about it and I would love to learn more about it. So definitely that and I really do enjoy training baristas as well, so hopefully we can get more into something like that.”

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