Meet Emmy Swisher From Butterfly Cafe in Ft Collins, CO


Name and Role: Emmy Swisher, Manager at Butterfly Cafe

Experience: Everyday Joe’s Coffee House, Bindle Coffee, Butterfly Cafe 

Shift feels incomplete without:  My apron!

How did you get  into coffee: I came to Ft Collins 6 years ago, I went to CSU. I found Everyday Joe’s in Ft Collins which is a volunteer run coffee shop….That’s where I first learned how to make coffee…. And then after Joe’s I’d met some people there who were opening  a shop here called Bindle and so I fell into a baking role there. …And then, I transitioned over to Butterfly Cafe…I came in and helped them start their coffee program.

What is coffee like in Ft Collins: For how small Ft Collins is, the coffee scene is very saturated. Which is awesome for us because we have lots of options for coffee…the coffee scene really is exploding, it’s really awesome. I mean, you have the full spectrum. You have Harbinger which has a little bit of food, but mostly is just really focused on the quality of the coffee… Bindle which has a huge bakery side…The food and the coffee are really well matched…And then Bean Cycle, they have juices which is a nice addition and some food too. We definitely have the combination [of coffee and food] all over the place.



Why follow the “keep it local” cafe model: So it’s a win win because we can call our roasters and say like “hey guys, we ran out of coffee, we were so busy, can you drop some over?” But we also just wanted to focus on just local ingredients in general in our food. The owners are really really  conscious of that and so when I came on they were like “We only want Colorado roasters” and I was like “I can do one better, we can do Ft Collins roasters.” Which is fun.
What do you love about your coffee gear at the cafe: We have a lovely Simonelli, we have an Aurelia 2 and so training on that has been a breeze because it’s all manual so it’s super simple and it’s fun to throw people on because it really makes them watch what they’re doing and it makes them more detail oriented than some other machines do, which I like.

What is something that grosses you out in coffee: I did try bullet proof coffee and I’m not a fan of that. I love butter but I don’t want it in my coffee…I don’t like coffee ice cubes in my cold brew very much.

How often do you find yourself behind the bar: As often as  I can. As a manager I kind of pick the things that people don’t want to do. But whenever I have the opportunity to jump on, I definitely do. So probably, I’m on the bar at least once a day.

Something you haven’t tried in coffee that you’d like to check out: I would like to get to know the roasting side a lot more…there’s just enough that I don’t understand that I really want to fill just so that I can get to know my coffees better and how to brew them and how to work with them. I like to know science behind things and roasting is a whole other side of coffee craft that I haven’t yet stepped into so I think that I would really like to try that at some point.

Something you enjoy about the coffee industry: The community is so fun. Its huge but it’s also kind of small. It makes the world smaller. When I used to tour guide for Caffeine Crawl and when I go to throwdowns, when I went to coffee fest…any of those you meet people that you know and you’re in a whole different city. It’s like having friends everywhere. I love to experience all the different sides of coffee.