Meet Georgia Tookey from Boxcar Coffee Roasters in Boulder, CO

Georgia loves a warm cappuccino on a cold day
BCR is known for great work flow

Name and Role: Georgia Tookey, Barista at Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Experience: Coffee in Miami, Chicago, and now Boulder!

Thoughts on the coffee community in Colorado: People are welcoming here…Boxcar is really nice…Everyone seems really interested and dedicated to what they do. So its kind of refreshing being around people who care about the industry as much as you do.

Best part of working in coffee: I really enjoy the interactions with customers. Teaching them about the industry, communicating knowledge, telling them kind of like the reasoning of why they like what they like. Teaching people.


Frequently asked questions from your lovely customers: A lot about coffee extraction. Grinding coffee, how to properly brew coffee, kind of teaching them about espresso in general. Especially Boxcar specific, people are really interested in the boiler maker, which is fun. High altitude brew methods, things are weird up here in Boulder because of the elevation.

Coffee is best served as: I’m definitely an espresso person, there’s something really nice about being behind the machine. Something like, comforting almost about espresso. As far as homebrew goes, I do a lot of Kalita… When I first moved here, I didn’t unpack anything. I just had a Kalita and I had a kettle, and no scale, nothing. I was just kind of like going in blind, and you can’t go wrong…everything you brew just tastes great on a Kalita.

Milk or espresso: It’s kind of a toss up between being on milk and doing espresso just because there’s something nice about putting the finishing touches on a drink. Theres also something really nice about laying down that base layer, setting the foundations for that coffee.

Come say Hi!
Georgia having a great time behind bar

Coffee pet peeves: I feel like I don’t not like a lot of things…. Oh!!! I know what I hate, I know what I hate!!! I hate the slow drip Kyoto brewers for cold brew. Its bullshit (can I say that?) Yeah, bullshit. You’re just under-extracting coffee and then over-extracting coffee, and it’s just so gimicky and dumb. That’s all, I hate it.

Something cool happening in coffee right now:  I like the way people have started combining coffee and mixology, especially in the sigbev area of competition. I think getting creative with that is really fun and playing with ingredients, taking tasting notes from the coffee and the espresso and playing them up and showcasing them.

Come to Boxcar and try the: Especially since its coming up on cold weather, I’m definitely a huge cappuccino fan. Especially just that milk to espresso ratio for the temperature outside, there’s something comforting about having a milky coffee in ceramic, just sitting there warming your bones when it’s so freakin’ cold outside.

SHOUT OUTS!!! : Everyone at Boxcar, everyone at Boxcar is a peach. Abeah Hunter  at Panther Coffee is definitely a coffee role model. I would say Jamison Pinkert  at La Colombe.