Meet Lauren Korba and Cristina Deere from Korbadeere Coffee Roasters in Boulder, CO

Lauren and Cristina, “the Korbadeeres” at BCFM’s final weekend

Name and Role: Lauren Korba Head Roaster and Cristina Deere Sales, Marketing, Plus

Experience: Together 10 Years; Married 2 Years; In business with KDC 2 years

How did your business name comeabout : The story of our name… I guess it started originally when some of our friends nicknamed us “The Korbadeeres” and then it was just like, “lets go to the Korbadeeres’ house”.

What kind of coffee do you roast:  Basically we have one direct trade farm, which we love. Its this woman, Isabell, we know her personally, her husband is from here. Her farm is in Jinotega in Nicaragua and we went there on our honeymoon, so we know Nicaragua really well now…  with the Rwanda its a woman’s cooperative where they get paid a high premium to put money into their community farms and education… And so we will always source on that. It has to have flavor and a good story behind them…. Everything we are serving comes from that really deep heartfelt place.

Lauren has a culinary background in nutrition, check out her sig bev, the “KDC Mushroom Tonic”

Where can you get Korbadeere Coffee:  We have a Farmers Market stand on Saturdays in Boulder…and we’ve grown out from there… we have bags at the Niwot Market and Simply Bulk in Longmont and the Mountain Fountain Market in Hygiene.

What’s this about  the Farmers Market: We’re really in the Farmers Market community, we’re in the craft community.  And that’s been really great because I like the diversity. We’re all in it, we’re all feeling the same way, we’re all really passionate about our work and then we all have different things to bring to the table… So we’ve kept with the Farmers Market vibe of “we all stick together”, small businesses, and so it’s been great. We’ve been building a real great support system and we’re just continuing to grow that.

What are some unique things about Korbadeere: We started with a culinary angle of things because we both have a culinary view…and so when we are thinking about coffee and coffee roasting we look at it as a culinary skill.

Lauren has a culinary background in nutrition, check out her sig bev, the “KDC Mushroom Tonic”

Take us through your signature beverage KDC Mushroom Tonic: There’s an affinity to the whole package, from where its sourced, the flavor profiles, to the nutritional value for your body….Hazel Dell gave us an idea… so I took it home and did some recipe testing… we use Hazel Dell [Lions Mane Powder], we use Lazy Bee Cinnamon Honey [((*omitted for vegans*))] … Its just 8oz and it just really feels good.

Cristina catches up with Korbadeere’s regulars at the final weekend of BCFM

What is your take on coffee roasting: Roasting is like life. You have to be in the moment, you have to be focused, you have to be patient, you have to respect what you are working with and pay attention. Awareness. Its a really good practice, its like a meditation. You just gotta be willing to build a relationship with roasting, with the beans, and how you’re doing it and what you’re doing.

Lauren and Cristina are proud to name their coffees after core values and positivity: Respect, Integrity, Reciprocity, and the Good Life

How do you take your Korbadeere: Lauren:  I’m old fashioned, New York City style. I’ll walk up to the kiosk, I’ll take my drip, my bagel, then I go to work… Cristina:  We also like to do chemex, pourovers, and french press.

Lauren and Cristina, “the Korbadeeres” at BCFM’s final weekend

Shoutouts: So many, definitely Boulder County Farmers Market. They are an amazing company and they brought us in and they gave us this opportunity. We would not be where we are at without them. Niwot Market, amazing, we could not do this without them. Simply Bulk, Mountain Fountain. All the support we get with the Farmers Market vendors, and also to our friends and family who have really helped support us.