Meet Bailey Batchelor from Black Eye in Denver, CO

Bailey Batchelor is a Barista at Black Eye in Denver, CO

Name and Role: Bailey Batchelor, Barista at Black Eye in Denver, CO

Experience: 4 years in coffee, Denver and Boulder

What keeps you in coffee: I really love being a barista because I get to work with really amazing people, a really creative community, especially in Denver. Tons of amazing women in this industry, which is really empowering. And I also really love all the other people I get to meet through the coffee industry, like customers. I’ve made so many friends working at Black Eye, like have harassed people to hang out with me and do all kinds of stuff.

Bailey competed in Cherry Roast
Outside of coffee, Bailey is a photogapher, rock climber, and motorcycle rider!

Downsides of the current gig: Black Eye is a tough shop to work for because of where we are located. We get a lot of tourism and a lot of upper class people that don’t necessarily know how to interact with nicer coffee shops, third wave coffee shops. They don’t quite get that its an art and not, you know, fast food. I’d say that’s the hardest part for me.

Cherry Roast and competition in general: I’ve done a couple of  throwdowns, which are cool and humbling. And then doing the Cherry Roast was insane and showed me how much I have to learn to kind of progress to where I want to be. Cherry Roast is run by Elle from Amethyst and she is one of the most inspiring women in coffee…  listening to her talk about it seemed like a really cool opportunity to just meet more women and people in the industry and just kind of push myself to learn more as a barista.


Something in coffee that is not for you: There’s a lot of a alternative milks that I have hated. Hemp milk being number one that I hate the most. We used to use it here at the shop and I will never steam hemp milk again, cuz it tastes like the ground! As far as brew methods, I kind of dipped out of pour overs for a while, I wasn’t a huge fan of them. Cherry Roast actually got me stoked on them again because I was trying new recipes that I never thought of, so that was cool.

What are you up to, outside of coffee: I’m a photographer, that’s what I went to school for. Lots of graphic design and art in general. I’m also a rock climber, that’s what I do most of the time, go on lots of rock climbing trips. And I ride motorcycles.

Something you want to do more of in coffee: I guess just trying to do more competitions and playing around with different recipes and different brew methods that I haven’t really explored. Like I haven’t used an aeropress in a professional setting before or even a V60….so it would be cool to actually sit down and work out recipes with those.

Come to Black Eye for: Our single origin espresso in smaller milk drinks, like a cortado or even a cappuccino are really great. And I think that our pour overs are definitely getting better, we have some more interesting coffees on them. We always have two options, so that’s really great.


Shout Outs!!! Shout out to the Black Eye staff because they are one of the most supportive groups of people that I’ve ever met. And Elle Taylor for being an inspiration and Breezy from Crema for being the most incredible woman in coffee that I know.

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